Best Friend

Continued a dream of working BIG when I hand painted an illustrated pattern of coffee and juice related things onto this Food cart sign.

I'm into juice and coffee, so this one was a no-brainer to make me instantly happy to make. I literally connected with the owners while ordering juice. Next thing I know I'm in my hallway, hand painting a giant piece of wood in patterns of fruit, veggie and coffee related goodness.
Chan and Margaux are the kindest humans and I was honored to work BIG, away from my usual hand held sized artwork. 
To arrive at this design I went through a series of layouts, finally landing on the idea of using imagery of the very things we were advertising. I illustrated fruits, veggies, coffee beans, and coffee equipment in ink and then scanned them into Illustrator to arrange into various patterns. Then I narrowed it down to the one that complemented the text and shape of the board the best. 
After penciling onto the board with help from a projector, I colored everything with a few different brands of paint pens, both fine tip and broad tip. I definitely loved the painting process the best and dream of doing more projects like this one. 
If you're in the Portland area, stop by their sweet little cart off SE Division, in between 11th and 12th. And tell them I say hi! 
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