Branding | Jamie Noel

New clients are like new friends and I get especially excited about the beginning stages of a project. Because that's when I get the opportunity to learn about people, their stories, their personalities, their style, and ultimately, exactly what they want in the outcome of their project. In a way, it was the same process for designing my own branding. I needed to take myself out of my shoes and into someone else's, in order to re-evaluate my style as a viewer and potential new friend. But I also knew that the concept should come naturally, without much argument. The outcome, I think, is true to who I am. I have a soft spot for mixing tactile mediums, vintage inspired ephemera, hand lettering, and nature inspired design. All of those things came into play here, and I'm happy to have these little *buddies represent me. Broken down, the logo can be applied to web and print use as you see in the differences between the badge and the simpler name over twig. I hope you enjoy the logo version of me. And if you are in need of a new brand, please, DO get in touch. I'd love to help! Portrait taken by my creative coffee camp buddy, Breena Bard at Ristretto Roasters in Portland, Oregon Photos of business cards and my displayed box of treasures graciously taken by Ashley of Weeno Photography *business cards, not those life size dolls some of us had as kids. You know the ones.

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