Imago Dei Community

"We are bold, strong, and courageous, unified in our diversity. We are seen by our Creator and he wants to hear our voices. We are vivid souls full of passionate hearts and empowered minds."

Branding for the Women's Formation at Imago Dei Community, a growing church in Portland, Oregon.
Imago came to me looking for branding to advertise their event entitled Seen, a time in which women could gather together and share their artwork, express their music, and simply be unified together in community. Events for women often give a false sense of gentleness, floral arrangements, and quiet attitudes among women, and honestly I was bored with it. I aimed to provide them with what they deserved to represented by: vivid color unified by pattern and shape. Women are brave, they are colorful, and they have a voice. Their individualism should be recognized, appreciated, and SEEN.
The branding made its way onto web advertisements, slides for morning services, tshirts, totes, and large scale wooden pieces that now adorn the walls of the offices at Imago, a constant bold reminder that we should all be SEEN. 
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