Loom International

It's an honor to continue to tell the story of what Loom International does to partner with and serve people. Through translatable typography and simplified visuals, the designs I create have the opportunity to reach people all over the world, and help them to understand the affects of Loom's work. Even as I type that, the impact of that honor blows me away. And I love the challenge of applying my knowledge to meet the needs of their diverse audiences. There is a necessary clarity and an appreciated personality that builds the foundation for any piece I create for Loom, and their Annual Report fit the prompt. With their report, I was given space to mold the facts and stats into a cohesive and vibrant booklet. In keeping with their color scheme and style of inviting and playful imagery, I added texture this time around to keep progressing their marketing. I hope that the message they want portrayed, reaches the masses of people they desire to partner with in working together to provide change.

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