Oregon Tilth

Fun illustrative handout to clearly explain the process of becoming certified organic.

Since 1974, Oregon Tilth has been a leader in the movement of organic agriculture by certifying, advocating and teaching. Leading it's members in sustainable practices, they are continually investing in awesome tools to help support and educate the people involved.
In need of an easy and appealing handout to explain the process of Being Certified Organic, I illustrated a postcard for members of Oregon Tilth to hand out at places like farmers markets. Handouts on agriculture can often be stale and covered with chunks of text that no one wants to read. It may still have the chunks of text but they are parred down and enclosed in fluffy clouds that make you dream of marshmallows, (organic, vegan, non-GMO ones). 
I'm all for healthy practices when the things we eat and the land we love are involved, so it was an honor to help communicate the message of what being certified organic really means. 
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