The Oasis

"All that’s required is that you show up excited to live your truest life."

Jennifer Louden, is, I imagine, a human who lights up a room when she enters. Her presence alone can breathe life into a mundane, struggling situation. She has been in the world of helping people see and work towards being their truest selves for over 25 years. She's written best selling books, led groundbreaking workshops, and hosted continuously encouraging tutorials on how to be awesome, (in the simplest of terms). She wanted one place to be the center of all of her teachings; a place for women to return to, for reliably motivating resources. This is The Oasis. I created several hand inked and water colored illustrations, and transformed those into use for social media. Her current site is in progress but, the designer in me put a few images together to create my own peek at a dream website. 
From Jennifer Louden:
"The Oasis is an audio experience I deliver to you each and every week.
You show up for one hour a week with me and our fabulous community of soul sisters so that you can show the hell up for the rest of your life.
Each week I’ll help you discover or remember your true priorities, recommit to your dreams, and maintain focus on what’s truly important to you – whether it’s to write a book, start a business, learn to paint, or simply relax. And I’ll help you notice what’s not working, what’s in your way, and melt those patterns and habitual choices away.
All that’s required is that you show up excited to live your truest life."
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