This Home Series

Home. It is an interesting concept to me. It is more than a structure, more than a place to rest your head. It's a place to settle yourself, feel rooted, comforted, and safe; a base to return to when your world stops spinning.

For those who hold their homes near and dear, for those who's homes hold countless stories and sentimental value, I will draw a portrait. More often then not, people invite me into the stories of their loved ones as together, we provide a gift of a home portrait for them.
What is home to me?
Home, has become more aptly related to people and situations. As a kid I moved eight times, and as an adult, a handful of times. I've lived in the simplicity of the Midwest, the complexity of foreign lands, and the calming medium in between. My family doesn't live in a house I grew up in, and I live near nowhere near them. None of this is a means of expressing regret or unattainable memories. This is me, observing my known feelings of associating home with people, and my known fascination with the homes that people grew up in and the homes they grow their lives in now. I am happy for the life that raised me to embrace change and exploration but I wonder about the stability of a consistent home someday, filled with a family to share it with. 

Here's how to order your own Home Portrait:

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